Turkey Coma – Fact or Myth?

We’ve all experienced the food coma that comes after Thanksgiving dinner. And we’ve all heard the rumor that turkey makes us sleepy because it contains the sedating substance, tryptophan. But is turkey really to blame for the post-meal slump?

'Eat Ham' TurkeyNope! The amount of tryptophan present in turkey is so minimal that it would barely effect someone who has eaten it. Tryptophan isn’t exclusive to turkey, either. All meats contain it, and cheese has even more of it! In fact, we need tryptophan to survive. It’s an essential amino acid that’s crucial to building certain proteins in the body. So you can eat plenty of turkey without getting tired! It’s good for you.

Take advantage of your newfound knowledge and eat as much turkey as you want this season! And why wait until Thanksgiving day to get your turkey fix?

Try our November Thanksgiving Special: The “Kasmiroski-Swampfox Hokie-Underhill-Strange Burger.” Not only is it delicious — but it was created by our very own customers in the Burger of the Month contest! Most of the submissions were dedicated to turkey — so we combined all their ideas and made one delicious Thanksgiving turkey burger.

We know you’ll be slaving away at the stove soon enough… so sit back, relax, and let us make you a delicious holiday meal.

MELT’s Burger-of-the-Month Contest

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to send us your most creative burger ideas. One theme seems to stand out above all the rest — Thanksgiving & Turkey! So, why not?

We are pleased to announce not one winner — but Four Co-Winners!

  • Shera Glazener Kasmiroski
  • “Swampfox Hokie”
  • Ashley Underhill
  • Bob Strange

We combined all four of their ideas to make the November Burger-of-the-Month. So we invite the four of them to come in and eat one November Special burger — on us!

(NOVEMBER’s Special Burger)
A Burger of Ground, Seasoned, Turkey Meat
topped with Melted Peppered Brie,
Balsamic Glazed Red Onions,
Fried Mashed Potatoes & Shredded Fresh Lettuce
Served on a Toasted Sourdough Bun with a smear of
Dried Cranberry & Roasted Chile Mayonnaise

And to all the rest who participated…

Worry not, Satoko Morton, Teriyaki sounds good to us too. Look for it in the coming months.

Dave McGregor, how could we go wrong with a Hawaiian Burger?

Jonathan Deans, you have created one fine “Juicy Lucy” stuffed burger. We will be visiting the “Juicy Lucy” burger in the near future.

Thanks again to you all for submitting such great ideas.

Steve & Debbie

What Beverage Goes Best With a Gourmet Burger?

The burger-eating experience goes beyond meat and fries—you have to hydrate as well. The question of what drink goes best with what burger is a debate we often hear. We’d like to make a case for the good old-fashioned soda!

At Melt, we only serve specialty soft drinks that we believe are a worthy complement to our gourmet cheeseburgers. Stewart’s Soda tops the list for us.stewart soda 1

Handcrafted and available in 12 effervescent flavors, Stewart’s Soda is a classic gourmet drink made with premium ingredients and old-fashioned recipes. Stewart’s Original Root Beer, one of our favorites, is made from a secret blend of more than 20 extract varieties from roots, berries and herbs. Other unique varieties include Cherries ‘N Cream, Birch Beer and our favorite—Key Lime Pie.

Where did this amazing soft drink come from? Back in 1924 in Mansfield, Ohio, school teacher Frank Stewart was looking to earn additional income during the summer months when school was out of session. After considering what kind of business would do well in his area, he decided to invent his own recipe for a root beer. Stewart opened a chain of roadside root beer stands called Stewart’s Drive-Ins where he sold mugs of root beer and popcorn. Being a good businessman, Frank salted the popcorn to help boost root beer sales.

Stewart soon realized he needed to formulate his own root beer in order to compete with all the other root beers available at the time. He enlisted the help of flavor experts and a chemist to develop a unique root beer made from a proprietary blend of roots, herbs and spices. The recipe was hugely successful, so much so that it continues to be used today.

By 1989 there were about 70 franchised Stewart’s Drive-In Root Beer Stands in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Until then, Stewart’s Root Beer was only available as a soda fountain beverage in Stewart’s restaurants.

It was around this time that the company began bottling the root beer for mass distribution. By 1991, Stewart’s Original Root Beer in bottles was being marketed in 13 states, and in 26 states the following year.

Stewart’s Original Root Beer remained the brand’s only soda flavor until 1992, when it was joined by two additional flavors, Cream and Ginger Beer. Orange ‘N Cream was added in 1995 and Grape in 1998. Additional flavors available today are Diet Root Beer, Key Lime, Peach, Cherries ‘N Cream, Black Cherry and Birch Beer.

Next time you stop by Melt, be sure to peruse our mouthwatering selection of Stewart’s Soda and give one a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Tips to Pair Beer with Burgers

When you think of pairing a beverage with food, you probably think of wine. But pairing your food with the perfect beer is just as important.

Beer is a burger’s best friend. It adds layers of flavor and deftly cuts through a burger’s rich, finger-coating juices. Beer also cleanses your palate, urging you to take another bite, followed by another sip.

But pairing a burger with a beer is not as simple as plucking a random longneck from the fridge. Some beer styles overwhelm a hamburger, while other get lost in the opulent meat.

Here are a few tips to follow next time you’re craving a burger. Not a red-meat eater? No worries. There are a few options for vegetarians and fowl fans too.

Bitter Can Be Sweet

To cut through a burger’s richness, select a lightly hopped pale ale or pilsner. The carbonation and bitterness will suitably scrub your palate.

Make it Malty

While the intensely dark and roasted flavors of a stout might dominate a burger, the malt-forward beers would make for a nice marinade. Look for one of the less hoppy stouts for a good match.

Fowl and Veggies

For char-grilled cluck burgers, look for a spicy, complex Belgian beer. Our famous veggie burger goes grandly with a lighter beer, like a pale and refreshing ale.

Don’t Go Too Light

Though cloudy, aromatic wheat beers are terrific to sip all summer long, these light and lovely brews are easily engulfed by a burger’s bold and rich flavors. Save them for a salad or a non-beef burger.

Beer for Dessert

If you really like beer, be sure to check out Melt’s Stout Beer Milkshake. This is one dessert not suitable for kids however—you have to be 21 or older to order this special treat.

Of course, everything depends on what your individual tastes are. Next time you’re at Melt, be sure to check out our ever-evolving list of local, national and international beers. Then let us know what you think!



Celebrate Summer with an All-American Burger

Why does America love burgers? Why are burgers considered so very American? And what does our love of the burger say about us?’

Burgers are an American institution whose power lies in their iconoclasm and decidedly simple virtues. The humble hamburger says something about being an American.

Melt burgerMost people love a good burger. They’re big and messy, just like America. We also love our freedom, and we expect the right to choose our own toppings and sides. We’re an independent bunch after all.

It’s hard to have grown up in this country and not have strong feelings about our burgers. They’re ingrained in our culture. They’ve come to symbolize so much more than a casual meal.

In the summer, burgers make us think about long past backyard BBQs with family and friends. The ultimate childhood treat was going to the local burger joint. We’d have fries on the side with lots of ketchup and maybe even a milkshake if we were extra good.

Really good burgers are getting harder and harder to find however. And that’s because really good burgers do not come from drive-through windows.

In honor of summer, the 4th of July and our collective love of the burger, come to Melt this month for something quintessentially American. The joy of the simple burger remains as exquisite today as it’s always been.

Best Hamburger – Best of Loudoun 2013

Melt was voted the best Hamburger in Loudoun County in the Best of Loudoun 2013 survey!


Best Burger Joint 2013 by Virginia Living

Melt was voted by Virginia Living readers as the Best Burger Joint in Northern Virginia!


The Burger: America’s Favorite Food

No one can deny the hamburger is quintessentially American. But did you know it actually got its start in Europe? At least its name did.

Despite that, some food historians believe the first burger was actually created in America. They believe German immigrants in New York in the 1800s may have made the prototype of what we now call a hamburger.

Ten Fun Facts about Hamburgers

While people may disagree about the burger’s origins, no one can deny its popularity. Here are ten fun facts about our beloved burger:

• Americans consume 13 billion hamburgers annually. This is estimated to be enough burgers to circle the earth 32 times.

• Hamburgers got their name from Hamburg, Germany, where a cut of beef called the Hamburg steak is from.

• During World War I, the United States government tried to rename hamburgers liberty sandwiches.

• In 1921, short-order cook Walter Anderson and insurance executive E.W. Ingram founded White Castle, the oldest burger chain, in Wichita, Kansas. Their first burger sold for a nickel.

• The Big Mac was introduced in 1968 and sold for 49 cents.

• The New York City Food Truck 666 Burger offers a $666 burger. It’s made with a Kobe beef patty wrapped in gold leaf, foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, Gruyere cheese melted in champagne steam, and Himalayan rock salt.

• Black Bear Resort Casino in Minnesota holds the world record for the biggest burger. It weighs in at 2,014 pounds and is 10 feet in diameter.

• PETA once offered the town of Hamburg, NY $15,000 to change their name to Veggieburg.

• On average, Americans eat three burgers a week.

• The Hamburger Hall of Fame is located in Seymour, Wisconsin.

At Melt, we believe there’s a burger for every taste. We hope to see you soon so you can discover your favorite!

Melt’s Volunteer Efforts for Animals Recognized by Loudoun Supervisors

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors recently selected Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers as the county’s Outstanding Corporate Volunteers for 2013. These annual awards honor individuals, groups, organizations and businesses for their extraordinary volunteer efforts in the community.

Melt ownersOwners Steve and Debbie Hancotte and volunteer employees at Melt dedicate their time to promote animal adoptions in the area. They also collect donations for local animal service organizations.

Poster-size photographs of adoptable animals decorate the restaurant’s walls. Information about how to adopt animals is shared at the restaurant with Melt customers.

Since opening in April 2012, Melt has donated more than $6,000 to animal groups and promoted 125 adoptable animals.

Melt Sponsors Third Annual Loudoun Lyme 5K

Melt is proud to be a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Loudoun Lyme 5K. The event takes place May 19 at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville. The purpose is to bring awareness to and raise money for a cure for Lyme disease—the number one tick-borne illness in the United States.
Loudoun Lyme
The Loudoun Lyme 5K will also feature a 1-mile fun run, children’s activities, and an information fair to educate the public about Lyme disease, its causes, symptoms and treatments. The information fair will feature health professionals and specialists, county officials and veterinarians. It will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

In 2009, Loudoun County led the Northern Virginia region in reported Lyme disease cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the United States has 38,000 new cases of Lyme each year. However, the disease is difficult to diagnose and the actual figure may be many times that number.

About The Event

The run is open to anyone. For those 13 years old and up, the cost is $30 until May 14 and $35 the day of the event. For children 12 and younger, the fee is $15 through May 14 and $20 on race day. All paying participants receive a T-shirt. Those 12 and younger will also receive a goodie bag.

Online registration closes May 14. Race packet pick-up is on May 17 from noon to 7 p.m. at DryHome Roofing, located at 45921 Maries Road, Suite 100, in Sterling. Event day registration and packet pick-up will begin at 6 a.m.

The Beneficiary

The proceeds from the run will go to the National Capital Lyme Disease Association. The organization is committed to helping patients diagnosed with tick-borne infections through education, support, and review of public policies concerning these diseases.

The non-profit organization encourages individuals to advocate for themselves in their goal to regain their health. They offer regular patient support-group meetings throughout Virginia, information, speakers, and news updates on legislative and scientific developments.

For more information or to register, see www.loudounlyme.org.