Celebrate Summer with an All-American Burger

Why does America love burgers? Why are burgers considered so very American? And what does our love of the burger say about us?’

Burgers are an American institution whose power lies in their iconoclasm and decidedly simple virtues. The humble hamburger says something about being an American.

Melt burgerMost people love a good burger. They’re big and messy, just like America. We also love our freedom, and we expect the right to choose our own toppings and sides. We’re an independent bunch after all.

It’s hard to have grown up in this country and not have strong feelings about our burgers. They’re ingrained in our culture. They’ve come to symbolize so much more than a casual meal.

In the summer, burgers make us think about long past backyard BBQs with family and friends. The ultimate childhood treat was going to the local burger joint. We’d have fries on the side with lots of ketchup and maybe even a milkshake if we were extra good.

Really good burgers are getting harder and harder to find however. And that’s because really good burgers do not come from drive-through windows.

In honor of summer, the 4th of July and our collective love of the burger, come to Melt this month for something quintessentially American. The joy of the simple burger remains as exquisite today as it’s always been.