Turkey Coma – Fact or Myth?

We’ve all experienced the food coma that comes after Thanksgiving dinner. And we’ve all heard the rumor that turkey makes us sleepy because it contains the sedating substance, tryptophan. But is turkey really to blame for the post-meal slump?

'Eat Ham' TurkeyNope! The amount of tryptophan present in turkey is so minimal that it would barely effect someone who has eaten it. Tryptophan isn’t exclusive to turkey, either. All meats contain it, and cheese has even more of it! In fact, we need tryptophan to survive. It’s an essential amino acid that’s crucial to building certain proteins in the body. So you can eat plenty of turkey without getting tired! It’s good for you.

Take advantage of your newfound knowledge and eat as much turkey as you want this season! And why wait until Thanksgiving day to get your turkey fix?

Try our November Thanksgiving Special: The “Kasmiroski-Swampfox Hokie-Underhill-Strange Burger.” Not only is it delicious — but it was created by our very own customers in the Burger of the Month contest! Most of the submissions were dedicated to turkey — so we combined all their ideas and made one delicious Thanksgiving turkey burger.

We know you’ll be slaving away at the stove soon enough… so sit back, relax, and let us make you a delicious holiday meal.