The Dish: If you don’t like MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers there’s something wrong with you

Every now and then, I find a burger that makes up for all my late-night trips to McDonalds over the years. The All American Bison Burger at MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers in Leesburg, Virginia, is one such burger.

My friend Jimmy and I discovered MELT in late June, looking for a place to meet between his apartment in northern Virginia and mine in Frederick, and we’ve already been two times in as many months. As the “gourmet” in the name suggests, MELT burgers are both higher quality and more expensive than your average chain, but even when Jimmy and I went all out on our second trip, ordering two burgers, milkshakes and a side of cheese fries, the bill only came to about $50, earning MELT a spot even on my notoriously cheap culinary lineup.

As much as I enjoyed my first experience with the Bacon-Blue Burger, for our second trip as official reviewers, I set my sights on the $17.95 bison burger, menu’s single-most expensive item. Meanwhile, Jimmy opted for the Tex-Mex Burger, one of six “kicked-up” burger options that cost an average of around $11.95.

For comparison, the no-frills hamburger costs $6.95, while a slightly more advanced cheeseburger is $7.95.

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